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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mad Men 5.3: Heinz Is On My Side

"Hei-i-inze is on my side," is the client Heinz's idea for an ad campaign, replete with The Rolling Stones, who sang "Time's On My Side," doing the jingle.  The Heinz guy's daughter loves The Stones, Megan's knows their music, and that's enough for Don to give it a shot - try to get The Stones, who will be performing in NYC, to do the spot.

Harry and Don go to the concert, get back stage, and it seems for a brief while that Harry has actually gotten The Rolling Stones on board.  Alas, it's The Trade Winds, a group I vaguely but likely you never heard of,  and Harry consoles himself with a whole bag of White Castles.  One of the better threads on this episode, but I was hoping we'd somehow get a look at someone playing the young Mick Jagger.

Otherwise, Mohawk Airlines is back with our firm, and Peggy is tasked with hiring a new copy writer.  Enter young Mike Ginsberg, who has the worst New York Jewish accent I ever heard.  (Actually, I'm sure I never heard an accent like that from a real person, and I've lived in New York all of my life.)  But Mike has a crazy spark - he irritates Peggy, doesn't antagonize Don, and gets the job.

The most serious story tonight is Betty's.  First, actress January Jones is pregnant, and has put on some weight.  Rather than have Betty pregnant, Mad Men decided to give her a tumor on the thyroid, which is causing her weight gain.  It could be malignant, and before she and Henry and Don learn that it's not,  we see some rare glimpses of humanity.  Betty's worried about what will happen to her kids, Henry is loving and supportive, and even Don can't quite do business as usual.   But when the good news arrives, and Don calls, Henry tells Don that Betty's ok but deliberately neglects to let Betty know that Don called.   Henry's not such a decent guy after all - at least when it comes to keeping Don out of Betty's life.

As I often find myself thinking, there's not a thoroughly or even mostly nice person  on Mad Men,  and that's part of the show's charm.

Here's The Rolling Stones' Time Is On My Side ...

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