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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bones 7.11: Truffles and Max

How can a bullet in one body have bone traces with two different ages, one old and the other one really really older?  This might have been the makings of a good science fiction story - look for that next week - but in Bones 7.11 this was entre to a fine West Virginia Hatfield vs. McCoy family feud, and a custom of putting shards of bone from a hallowed ancestor into bullets.

Bones continues its mix this season of good science mystery and heart warming family reassembly.  Tonight it was Bones' father's turn, on hand to meet and take care of Christine, after she was suspended from day care (an honor!) because of Bones' keeping  too close tabs on the day care center.

Max and Bones have had a difficult relationship, to say the least.  He left his daughter when she was a little girl, and Bones has found that hard to forgive.  He's been ferociously loyal and protecting of Bones in the series, weaving in and out of the law to do that.   Bones love him, but still doesn't trust him.  So of course he seems to have disappeared somewhere with Christine, even though it was only a slipped-out-of-pocket phone, which can happen to anyone.

Booth's innate sense of what is right for his new family is better than ever, and he sees how good Max is for Christine as well as Bones.   He gets two nice long kisses from Bones, early in the episode, as reward - and in public, on a case, which makes this even sweeter.

The only unsettling thing in this otherwise soul satisfying episode are the tainted truffles ingested by Hodgins and Daisy.  Personally, I would never eat a wild mushroom for fear of being poisoned, though for all I know I already have in some restaurant.   So far, my brain is still enjoying Bones, and for that matter, Justified, which this jaunt to West Virginia reminded me of ....

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