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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mad Men 5.11: Prostitution and Power

Masterful Mad Men 5.11 tonight had not one but two blockbuster stories, each about one of the two leading women on the show.  In both cases, the results were among the most profound and game-changing we've seen not only this season, but in the entire series.

Advertising as a profession could be considered a kind of prostitution - selling your creative soul to your client - but tonight that becomes literally true as the Jaguar client (or, actually, a major car dealer who is one of three who will make the decision as to what ad company will get the Jaguar campaign) lets Pete and Ken know that he'd be much more inclined to go with our crew if he could spend a night with Joan - in bed.  Pete brings this to Joan, who laughs in his face, and rhetorically adds that the company couldn't afford to pay her what she'd want for something like this.  That's enough to get Pete to call a partners' meeting.

The response of the partners is a keen tableau of where each man  is at.  Don, showing again that he has a well of decency in his core, walks out of the meeting, saying their ad proposal will be strong enough to get Jaguar.  Roger, showing again how despicable he can be, has no problem with offering Joan to the dealer.  It's not, by the way, that Don is always decent and Roger is always despicable.  Indeed, it's never knowing for sure where each man will go - with his decent or despicable side - that makes Mad Men so interesting.  Morse has no problem with making Joan an offer to do this, as long as it's made clear to her that she doesn't have to do it  if she doesn't want to.  And Lane, knowing there are no funds to offer Joan any money, cleverly gets her to ask for five-percent of the company - to become a partner.

Mad Men has dealt some great parallels in personal and professional lives this year, and tonight's was especially evocative.  The Jaguar tag-line that Ginsberg comes up with and Don pitches is that Jaguar is the one beautiful thing that a man could really own.  And owning Joan for a night is the price Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, etc have to pay in order to land Jaguar.  Except Draper doesn't want that, but Joan does - or, at least, she wants being a partner enough to spend the significant part of the night with the Jaguar dealer.

And as Joan moves up in the organization, Peggy moves out.  Don, decent about Joan, is as insensitive and rude as ever to Peggy.  She comes up on no notice with an account winning line for  Chevalier cologne - it was Ginsberg's account, but he wasn't around - and seeks some appreciation from Don.  What she gets is Don saying Ginsberg can go to Paris, and when she complains, Don literally throws some money in her face and says here, go to Paris.

This sets in motion a short chain of events that leads to Peggy taking an offer with Sterling et al's main competitor.  Given Joan's ascension to partnership, Peggy would likely not have been too happy with our company in any case, making this development an especially smooth piece of story line.

A story of two women.  Each seizing on opportunity to move up in their world, in which most of the cards are seriously stacked against them.  More power to both of them.

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