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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bones Season 7 Finale: Suspect Bones

One of the important things to always bear in mind about Bones is that although Bones is a genius, she's not the only genius in the world.  And when an evil genius takes umbrage at Bones, that genius can do a lot of damage.   In the past, the contest between Bones, Booth, and the gang versus the evil genius have made for some of the very best groups of shows.  Tonight's episode, which starts a story that will  continue beyond this season's finale, seems destined to continue that fine tradition.

This season finale is also the finale, at the same time, for another group of episodes with a very different theme, a theme unique in the series.  That theme was Bones and Booth together, married, openly in love, and bringing Christine into the world.   The theme is brought to an important new threshold tonight with the christening of Christine.

And that christening also serves as the conduit to a new kind of life for Bones, as temporary, one hopes, as possible. With the help of the irrepressible Max, Bones elects to go on the run rather than to jail.  As Max explains, once the system has you in its clutches, it's very hard to prove your innocence.  Bones can do better outside.  I agree completely with Max.

The evil genius who is framing Bones can only be beaten if Bones is at least somewhat free to investigate, which she can only do out of prison.  But Bones will need more than that - she'll also need the help of her Jeffersonian team.  As US Attorney Caroline Julian explains to Angela, who's justifiably angry at Cam for providing evidence that apparently points to Bones' guilt, Cam needed to keep the team operating beyond repute, so they could be of maximum help to Bones.

I've never liked Cam's officiousness,  but you have to agree with Caroline's logic.  The evil genius Peland - whom we met in an earlier episode - is very good at what he does.  Like a master chess player, he systematically sets in motion a series of events that remove Booth, Sweets, and even Caroline from the case, and their official  positions which can help Bones.

But Bones still has their counsel, and Max's too, and as she takes on Max's role of being on the lam, she'll have everyone back at work at the Jeffersonian on her side.  She and Booth will need all the help they can get to get through this.   I'm hoping it's a short time until the next episode ...

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