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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mad Men 5.9: Don's Creativity

The biggest deal in Mad Men 5.9 last night was the pair of ads that our band of merry mad men and woman were working up for another new client, Snoball - the coconut pink marshmallow chocolate cake whipped cream (from outside to inside) concoction that you could bliss you out with on sugar with a just few bites if you weren't careful.

Anyway, Peggy's idea of three men lost in the desert, two dreaming of water, the third dreaming of the dessert, is knocked out in the first meeting.  I actually like that better than Ginsberg's idea of throwing a snoball in an authority's face, but that gambit as well as Don's snoball's chance in hell make it to the all-important client presentation.

Or, actually, not.  Don deliberately leaves the artwork for both his and Ginsberg's candidates in the taxi.  Since Don of course is at the client meeting, but Ginsberg is not, Don's presentation makes the sale.  I thought Don's was the best, and Ginsberg's the worst (of the three), but of course Ginsberg doesn't see things that way.  He complains to Don, who disses Ginsberg with a retort that Ginsberg and his talent or lack of never even enter Don's thoughts.

The whole incident gives us good insight into Don's current personality: he's still competitive enough that he wants to his creativity to win, and will use any method to so, though I suppose there was some merit to his point to Ginsberg that coming in with more than one candidate is "weak".

Otherwise, Betty's back and as nasty as ever, and Roger continues his destruction of Jane.  Roger won't be even a semblance of a human being until he gets together with Joan, and I'd say there's almost no hope for Betty.

Meanwhile, Pete fantasizes about his paramour, and is furious when the New York Times Sunday Magazine section neglects to mention him in a major article after a long interview.   Welcome to the club - this happens with interviews all the time.   One anachronism alert: my wife, who reads the Times Magazine section more than do I, noticed that the 1966 copy of the magazine depicted on the show sure looked like a more current size and layout. I'm not 100% sure, but she may well be right.

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