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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mad Men 5.8: Mad Man and Gilmore Girl

Two fine stories on Mad Men 5.8 last night -

Megan, after a great run in the "beans, beans, the musical fruit" and new Cool Whip campaigns, decides to quit her job in advertising!   Her heart and soul are in acting.   One round of applause from an audience is worth all the Heinz beans accolades in the world.   Peggy tries to talk her out of it - which makes sense, given that for Peggy the advertising work is the job of a lifetime.  Don is understanding - he'll miss the sexual energy in the office, for sure, but he'll have a happier Megan at home, and he does have a decent streak that shows through sometimes.  The whole segment is a noble statement on the fatuousness of advertising.

Meanwhile, Pete sleeps with the Gilmore Girl (Alexis Bledel), aka the guy on the train's wife.  This is a daring move for Pete, who likes it so much he calls her, wanting more than a one-time tryst.   She demurs, but Pete persists, arranging to come home with Howard (the train guy - who's also an insurance guy) on the pretext of wanting life insurance.  Once in Howard's home, Pete even manages to grab a kiss from Beth/Rory.   She leaves the room with a migraine, but later encourages Pete with a heart drawn on a misty car window.   All in all, good show for Pete, and the second sex-out-the-blue thread for Mad Men this season, following Roger's flirtation from afar earlier this year.

And just top off this excellent episode, we get the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," ending up the show, playing into the credits, replete with a nice shot of the Revolver album cover, of which I have many.  The show has migrated beautifully into the 60s, and I'm enjoying this season more than any other.

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