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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mad Men 5.10: "The Negron Complex"

Having delved into the meta-realms of unreal science fiction with Ben Hargove some five episodes ago, Mad Men 5.10 continues the enjoyable indulgence with "The Negron Complex," a fictitious spec script written for the real science fiction Star Trek - now known as Star Trek: TOS (the original series), back in 1966 of course just known as Star Trek.

Paul Kinsey, a real fictional character on Mad Men, is the author.  I've been wondering what happened to Paul, bearded with pipe in seasons past, a civil rights activist, dating an African-American woman (who leaves him), and to some degree the conscience of the previous firm.  He's joined the Hare Krishnas - his luck went from bad to verse - but has penned this script.  He was a fan of The Twilight Zone, so this makes sense.  (The Twilight Zone and Star Trek are two of my all-time favorite shows.)

Paul asks Harry to get the script to someone at NBC who might get it to Gene Roddenberry.  Harry (deftly played by Rich Sommer) still looks a little like Isaac Asimov to me, so this makes sense, too.  But the script apparently is a turkey - I have to take Harry's word for this - so what's Harry to do?

All of this serves as nice set-up for Harry to have another round of good sex in the office, as Paul's girl friend shows up to talk Harry out of helping Paul - talk Harry out of this by way of seduction.  Her motives are to keep Paul for herself and the Krishna movement.   But Harry, in a combination of rare selflessness and more comprehensible not liking to be manipulated, sends Paul out to Los Angeles (gives him $500 for air fare) to sell his script.   Alas, we know in our reality that no Star Trek episode titled "The Negron Episode" was ever made, but knows about alternate realities ... wait, no, that's Fringe.

Meanwhile, Lane takes some money from the company on his and Don's forged signature, and Joan gets about as angry in the office as ever we've seen her - justifiably calling a receptionist an "idiot" - and there's a priceless scene (Lane wasn't there either) with Joan and Don in a bar.   Good stuff indeed for our people living on the razor's edge.

Hey, check out my essay in this book about Star Trek:

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