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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ray Donovan 1.2: His Assistants and His Family

My favorite scene in Ray Donovan 1.2 last night was Avi talking Ray down from storming off and likely shooting his father.   Just the way Avi was standing says a lot - holding Ray's gun, but not pointing it at Ray, just standing in front of Ray, with the gun pointing to the side, and reasoning with Ray.   The scene shows the loyalty and intelligence of Ray's assistants, in this case Avi.

Lena also played a significant role last night, as the deliverer of Ray's generosity, to the transvestite blackmailing Ray's client - for a cool million - so she can pay for an operation to make her completely a woman.   Ray of course protects his client - he won't have his client pay out a million - but he has Lena deliver a packet of money sufficient to pay for the operation.   Amidst all of his troubles and toughness, Ray has a heart of gold.

The big story continues to be Ray's father Mickey, who much to Ray's distress easily charms Ray's wife and kids.  Still not clear is why Ray hates his father so much.  When Ray's wife Abby (played by Paula Malcomson of Caprica fame) asks Mickey why Ray hates him, Mickey gives a vague (if heartfelt) answer about being a bad father.   But there must be something more - enough to leave Ray's hatred unslaked even when he smiles at the picture of the priest (who at very least molested Ray's younger brother) and the knowledge that Mickey killed him.

Whatever that source of hatred, another piece of its puzzle is why Ray's brothers - especially his older brother Terry - are so much more forgiving of their father than is Ray.   Did Mickey do something that only Ray knows about?   Possibly - but Terry doesn't give the impression of missing much.   Given that Terry has been functioning as the de facto father of the family, seeing to his brothers (including Darryl) much more than has Ray - at least on an emotional basis - Terry might well have reason to resent Mickey.  But he doesn't.

The tables are still being set for this powerful new drama, and I'm in.

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