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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bridge 1.2: A Tale of Two Beds

An excellent second episode of The Bridge last night, in which we get a vivid rendition of just how different Sonya and Marco are, which is a large part of what makes this such a compelling drama.

Sonya's in the mood for love.  So she goes to a bar and picks up a guy - in her own inimitable, awkward and socially clueless way.   More of this continues back in her bed, where she sleeps with the confused guy, promptly falls asleep herself, then awakens and gets promptly back to work - which in her case entails looking at the gruesome images from the case.  The guy leaves, understandably uneasy and not quite getting that she has Asperger's or whatever equivalent syndrome.   But we get it, and can see that the syndrome has the dual quality of making her a uniquely focused detective as well as someone who sails through her personal life largely oblivious to the subtleties that go on all around her - in other words, a refreshingly unusual and interesting character, the likes of which we haven't encountered before on television, except perhaps in Monk (which I should have realized in last week's review, when I said how good it was to see Ted Levine back on television).

And Sonya is well complemented by Marco, who is her opposite in crucial respects.  He's as hard working as Sonya, but is enmeshed in the social matrix of his police work, which therefore makes him an astute worker of political angles to get the job done.   And his bed is very different.  He's thoroughly tuned into his wife, and celebrates the news that they're having another baby, surprising but apparently not impossible in view of his recent vasectomy.

This unlikely detective team will need all the complementary qualities they can muster to solve the murders before them, which in effect are increasing daily as Mexicans are murdered by some group as they make it over the border.   The Bridge thus combines high political relevance with unconventional characters, and is much welcome.

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