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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dexter 8.5: Just Like Family

Almost midway in its final season, Dexter almost seems to resolve itself.   Episode 8.5 ends with one big happy family.

Well, not that big.  But Dexter and Deb have come to terms - an impressive accomplishment considering Deb almost killed Dex and herself last week, before she decided to save him - as has Dexter with Dr. Vogel.   They are now the two most important adults in his life, and he wants them to be on the boat when he dumps A. J.'s bundled body in the water.

Getting there was a thrill a minute, as is every hour of Dexter this year.   You couldn't ask more from a final season than the ticking and tocking of Dexter coming to terms with his world in every scene.

But lest we be lulled, we should know that the greatest shocks in Dexter come after the apparent lulls and resolutions.   If Dex and Deb and Vogel are together now, it can only be because they'll face some danger far worse than the psycho A. J.

Vogel showed a physical toughness tonight, when she almost got the better of A.J. by slapping him as his mother might have done.   I'm still thinking that we've yet to see the violent depths of Vogel, though she's done a pretty good job of adhering to her role as the brilliant but sane shrink with a consuming interests in serial killers.

But the deck is now cleared for what might really be the final storyline of Dexter, with what we've seen so far this season just the incredibly good job of setting all of this in order for what's to come - the appetizer for the main pulsing course.  Bring it on.

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