Monday, July 8, 2013

Falling Skies 3.6: The Masons

A great last scene in Falling Skies 3.6, which resonated with The Magnificent Seven and lots of classic Westerns.  As indeed a pivotal scene in Falling Skies or Revolution or any post-apocalyptic television series should, where horses are once again the most common form of transport.

Except in this case, we get just four - Tom Mason and his three boys - but it's a noble game-changing scene indeed.   The Masons are riding off to rescue Anne and the hybrid baby.  Is it wise for the President of the New United States to ride off on a such a mission?  Tom thinks not, so he's resigned from that new office and left it to Marina.

Not only that, but young Matt is one of the four.  This is because Matt is not so young any more, and his accompanying his brothers and father on this mission says he's come of age in this savage, desperate new world.   Even a few weeks ago, Tom would have never allowed this.   It's good to see.

Hal is also one of the four, and the main story in last night's episode was how Hal has finally been rid of the ibug that Karen gave him.  This episode could have been titled "Hal vs. Hal," as Hal fought to all-but-a-draw for control with his alien self.   It took the combined efforts of Tom, Matt, Ben, and Margaret to free Tom and disarm Hal, and then a special hunter-seeker into Hal which could either kill the ibug or Hal, if he was telling the truth about being no longer infected.  All of which made for some riveting, edge-of-your-seat television.

Those who didn't go on the mission to save Anne and baby also says a lot.   Weaver would have been a logical candidate to go.  He stays back because someone has to keep an eye on the compound, and there's also his daughter, he says.   But my guess is there's a bit of his attraction to Marina at play here, which is also good to see.   Margaret would also have been a sensible addition, and it's unclear why she didn't join the Masons.  Maybe for the poetry of seeing just the four Masons ride out.

The big mystery unaddressed is still how Tom and Anne have a baby with alien DNA.  I've been saying all along that Tom was given the alien DNA when he was captive on the alien ship.  But it's fun to think of other possibilities.

Could Anne have slept with an alien at some point?  Not when she was awake or of her own volition.  But maybe an alien drugged her, when Tom wasn't around?

Or - could Anne herself be part alien?   Not likely - but I can't quite recall her DNA being thoroughly tested ....

Anyway - looks like some good story lines ahead for Falling Skies, which has been a lot more fast-moving and surprising this year than in the first two seasons.


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