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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dexter 8.2: The Gift

The notion of "gift" figured in two profound, interlocking ways in the superb Dexter 8.2 tonight.

First, Vogel - shaping up as one of the best characters in the series - tells Dexter she thinks psychopaths and Dexter in particular are "gifts" to humanity - "alpha" wolves who do the killing necessary to move humanity forward.  The killings can be figurative - as in CEOs and politicians - but the killer instinct is the same as in psycho serial killers.

Not only that, Vogel clearly loves Dexter - presumably as a mother, as the Dr. Frankenstein (Dex's term) who helped create Dexter, by guiding Harry in creating Harry's code.  This therefore means that Harry's code is not just or even really Harry's - at very least, it's also Dr. Evelyn Vogel's - who rejects Dex's ironic remark that she's a Dr. Frankenstein, because she obviously doesn't think Dexter is a monster.

At least, that's what she tells Dexter.  And, at this point, I'm with Dexter in still not knowing enough about Vogel to fully trust her.   Is she somehow behind the very killings that she's presenting as the reason she needs Dexter's help?  Is she some sort of psycho killer herself?  Unclear, but Dexter, more in need of some kind of deep love now than ever, with Debra saying she hates him, can't resist accepting her motherly arms around him at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Deb also talks of a "gift" tonight - the gift that Dexter left her, turning her into the self-described hell that she is now.   Deb has now killed not only LaGuerta to save Dexter, but the hitman who just beat her and took the jewels she had recovered.   She's in touch with who she once was - she remembers that she loved Dexter, as more than a sister - but she and Dex agree that that Debra Morgan is gone.

Deb's killing of the hitman has one nice silver lining for us fans:  In last week's coming attractions, we see Deb saying she wants to confess.   The assumption then was that the confession was about LaGuerta.   But in view of the hitman, Deb might well be confessing to that.

One thing looks certain about this final season of Dexter:  every episode looks to be a riveting triumph of televised narrative.

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