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Monday, July 15, 2013

Falling Skies 3.7: The Mole and a Likely Answer

Well, we finally found out who the real mole is on Falling Skies 3.7 last night.  I had lazily accepted that it was Hal, under alien influence - as had most of the characters in the series.  But if you think about it, Hal was pretty much in control of his mind until the last few episodes, which means he was unlikely to have blasted Manchester to oblivion at the start of this season.

The real mole is a good choice - probably the sweetest character in Charleston.  And, my sweet Lord, it's sweet Lourdes!   Which is not only a nice surprise, but makes sense in retrospect.  Before she was taken over by the alien worms, she was a good medical assistant to Anne.  This season, especially with Anne out of the picture, Lourdes has apparently become a highly effective, full-fledged doctor.   This transformation is more explicable if due to alien help.

And that leads us to another likely consequence of Lourdes' conversion.   She worked daily with Anne. She examined Anne to make sure her pregnancy was proceeding well and her baby was ok.   She easily could have drugged Anne at any time.   Any of which would have given Lourdes ample opportunity to introduce alien DNA into Anne's developing baby.

So we have an answer about how the hybrid baby came to be - better than Tom was somehow infused with alien DNA when he was on the alien ship a few seasons back.  But given the propensity of Falling Skies to pull aliens out a hat,  we may yet not know the full story of baby Lexi's conception, and we certainly don't know what's been happening with her since she and Anne left Charleston.  How quickly, for example, is Lexi growing up?

Looks like good viewing ahead in the concluding three episodes of this season of Falling Skies.


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