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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dexter 8.3: The Question and the Confession

The two high points in the superb Dexter 8.3 tonight were -

The Question that Vogel puts to Dexter early in the episode:  If the prime principle of Harry's Code (which we now know was in effect co-authored by Vogel) is for Dexter to protect himself at all costs from legal and other retribution, how come he didn't get rid of Debra after she killed LaGuerta to protect him?  Dex's answer, of course, is that he loves Debra.   But the question is reminiscent of what happens when's there's a conflict in a robot attempting to follow Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics - like deciding which of two humans to save when the robot can only save one, and the first law of robotics says a robot must always act to save a human life.   In Dexter's case, his inability to kill Debra and therefore his inability to follow Harry's Code shows that he may not be quite the psychopath, incapable of love, that Vogel thinks him to be - all the more interesting, because Vogel is beginning to realize this.   Dexter's supposed to love himself, but what happens when this conflicts with his love of Debra?

But, other than not killing Debra, Dexter still acts to protect himself, to the point of knocking Debra out with an injection, which brings us to the second high point of the show:

The Confession that Debra makes to Quinn about killing LaGuerta:  Only Dexter would be able to figure out a way out of that, by taking advantage of Quinn's belief that Deb is out of her mind, and audaciously drugging Deb, slinging her limp body over his shoulder, and taking her out of the precinct ass first.   Even Vogel's surprised at Dexter's bold move, as she is when Dexter handcuffs Deb, still unconscious, so she doesn't beat up Vogel when she comes to.

"You don't know her," Dexter tells Vogel when she mildly objects - but I'm still thinking it's really Vogel that we know very little about, and before the series is over, we may find that's she's some sort of psychopath, too.

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