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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frozen Earth on National Geographic tonight

Actually, in another amazing feat of perfect timing, it's actually frozen earth - or impending blizzard - throughout most of the northeast right now.   And tonight, the other snow shoe will drop, in a big way, as National Geographic TV broadcasts the third episode in its How to Survive the End of the World series: "Frozen Earth".

I say "another" amazing feat, because the debut of the series - "Zombie Earth" - was broadcast in December just a week after the Fall finale of The Walking Dead, which drew a record number of viewers. That coincidence was likely planned by NatGeo.  It was a good bet that the world would be buzzing about zombies after The Walking Dead finale.  But tonight's frozen intersection is a sheer act of nature, which makes it even more chilling.

As with the other episodes, I'll be in my bunker, offering commentary from an undisclosed location. Also on hand will be David Bartell and other experts.   I'm not sure about the exact time of the broadcast.  NatGeo says 9pm Eastern on its site, which is likely right, but Cablevision in Westchester says 7pm - go figure, there's a frozen brain at work somewhere (in addition to mine).  But "Frozen Earth" will also be rebroadcast at 11pm.

Enjoy - and dress warmly!

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