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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Helix 1.4: Cold DNA

HelixWith snow still on the ground, at least a little more coming, and the bone chilling cold continuing, what better time to watch a new episode - 1.4 - of Helix?   Except tonight, the chilling lessons in all areas are inside the lab facility, where find that --

  • Sarah is suffering from a tumor, not the mysterious illness, which was likely - that she was not a victim of what was getting Peter and the others - because her symptoms were different.  I'm thinking her tumor might at some point provide some DNA which could counter the single strand of DNA that is causing all the havoc.
  • That single strand is like nothing else Doreen has seen, and she's seen it all.  So, does that mean the strand is alien?   Whatever it is, she gets murdered to protect that knowledge.
  • Murder is what those in the know in the facility are willing to do - not only Sergio of Doreen, but Hiroshi of those three guys on that lower level who were willing to reduce those dangerous levels of carbon dioxide.  Hiroshi was not wrong that they couldn't be trusted not to kill everyone tomorrow, but, even so, his spraying them with bullets was pretty cold.
So, to return to the cold, we have a story that both's slowly and quickly heating up on Helix.  The test that Sarah developed has already been identified to Alan as not reliable - she told him - and that means the search for a cure is back to square one, or maybe a little better than that because she knows now what doesn't work.   But we also know that Hiroshi and the Pentagon team know a lot more about what's going on than do Alan's diminishing team.   The question, at his point, is exactly how much that is happening was unintended - should be fun to follow the tracks in the snow.

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