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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Blacklist 1.13: Red Writ Large

Whew, a crackerjack Blacklist 1.13 tonight, in which Red continues to do what he does best - getting to the root of his problems, identifying his enemies, and dealing with them, no matter how powerful, in the only way he reliably can: killing them.

Tonight that enemy would be US Assistant Attorney General Diane Fowler - played by Jane Alexander - identified by Red as the true rat who almost killed him and Lizzie. Fowler's rage when she learned there was a double agent in the FBI's ranks was a clever ploy to throw suspicion on someone else.  We learn early in tonight's episodes that it's not Malik, and in fact Red is able to use her to get the goods on Fowler. All of that build-up is good.  But when Red shoots Fowler dead, with no warning before that first shot, we get a taste of a character we haven't quite seen before on television.  Not even in previous episodes of The Blacklist.  Red - or, at very least our knowledge of him - is a dangerous work in progress.

Meanwhile, Lizzie also has an important transforming moment.  She realizes she can't adopt a baby with that creepy husband.  The ostensible reason was the case tonight, in which a mad scientist impregnates women he has kidnapped, and then sells the babies on the adoption market.  This is another good, even excellent, bio-crime story.   But the real or deepest reason Lizzie doesn't want to adopt a baby has likely more to do with the unease she feels with Tom.   And, indeed, that's in effect the reason she gives him when she tells him that she doesn't want to go ahead with their adoption plans.  Good for Lizzie.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Red are racking up points with the FBI.   Shutting down this baby ring saved a lot of mothers' lives.   Red will need all the support he can get when word of Fowler's killing gets out. Although his cleaner may be masterful, she can't clean the minds of everyone who may have an inkling of what Red is really up to.

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