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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revolution 2.12: Eugenics and Lubbock

A fine double-barreled Revolution 2.12 tonight, with stories booming out West and back East.

Out West we have the targeted typhoid outbreak, meaning the Patriots are using it to eliminate undesirables - the physically weak - from the population.  If we needed any more evidence that the khaki-suited Patriots are really American Nazis, working either for themselves or whatever other power, this is it.   Best of part of this story is seeing Monroe's son step up to a major role in getting the cure, which he doesn't quite get - yet - but shows some smarts and bravery in the attempt so far.

Meanwhile, back East, we get the best Tom and wife Julia story we've seen so far, including Tom and Julia taking matters into their own hands to save their starving son just two years after the blackout in a strong backstory.  Best part of that is Julia's telling Tom he has to use his advantage - his smarts not just his physical strength - in enabling their family to survive.

Back in the present, though, Tom and Julia seem to have been outwitted by Patriots, with both of them taken into custody and separated by the end of the episode.  I don't believe for a second that Jason has been killed - he's too good a card for the Patriots to hold - but Tom and Julia look like they're in desperate straits.

How will they get out of this?  Well, we see Tom out West and smiling in the coming attractions, which means not only that he broke free but Julia and Jason are alive - otherwise he wouldn't be smiling, right?  And how did that happen?  The nanites have beckoned and coerced Aaron to go to Lubbock, Texas - presumably not to see Buddy Holly - and that must have something to do with this.  Looking forward to next week.

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