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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Revolution 2.13: Steve Tyler, Mummy

It's the little details of alternate history/future in Revolution that I most enjoy - Mexico using its border guards to keep what's left of Americans from entering Mexico, new configurations of nation states arising in post-blackout North America., that kind of thing.  And tonight, in Revolution 2.13, we get another tidbit: in the new Las Vegas, they're hawking a look at Steve Tyler's "mummified remains".  Something about this struck me as funny, maybe because Steve Tyler in our reality already looks a lot like a mummy?

Otherwise, there's good plot and character development on all sorts of levels.   Romantically, Rachel and Miles finally sleep together - "20 years of foreplay is enough," Rachel says - as do Charlie and Monroe's son Connor Bennett.  Well, Charlie and Connor haven't known each other very long, and their relationship can hardly be called romantic.  But they did both enjoy it, which means there's promise of things to come.

And, speaking of Connor, it was a good night for fathers and sons.   Not only Monroe and Connor - who end up in a bit of peril, but they'll surely be ok - but Tom and Jason are back together, and, even more important, they're both together with Miles and Rachel in Willoughby, Texas.   Tom and Jason both lie pretty convincingly to Miles that what they want is revenge for the death of Julia, but Miles is sharp, and he'll pick up the first slip, which Jason is likely to make before too long.

So the characters and story lines continue to converge, which is good, with the action in Lubbock being the odd nanite out.   Although I like the firefly godlike powers gambit in general, I thought the Lubbock religious story was a little too obvious, and almost trivial - despite the nanite profundity - in comparison to what was happening with the rest of our characters.

The Olympics in our reality are sidelining Revolution until the end of February, and I'll be back then with another review.

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