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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Blacklist 1.12: DNA Meister

A close to science fictional Blacklist 1.12 tonight - which in my book is always a plus - as Lizzie and the team hunt "the alchemist," a guy who makes people disappear by putting their DNA and other biological evidence into the bodies of people he's murdered.  The FBI etc then think the people with the original DNA are dead.   This is in effect a witness protection program par excellence - except the protected are criminals that the police very much want to capture.  I'd say this is one of the best story set-ups thus far on The Blacklist, so good it could have been the basis of a movie, and maybe someday will be.

It also makes quite an episode on The Blacklist, which is good in other ways.  First - or last - we have the revelation at the end of episode of Meera as the FBI mole.  This was pretty obvious for a while, but it's good to see it out in the open - or, at very least, in Red's huge bank of knowledge.

And we also have another nail in the coffin of Lizzie and Tom's marriage.  It's an impossible marriage, can't work, and would be that way even if Red liked Tom.   Lizzie is way too committed to her work - which she should be - for a marriage with Tom, who, though he gives lip service to understanding the importance of Lizzie's work and her need to do it, doesn't really care too much about that at all.   His having an affair with the presumptuous photographer is almost a relief, even if he gets cold feet at the last minute, which is also a possibility.

But if Lizzie and Tom can't work, whom will she have?  I'm betting Ressler, even if he does seem to be getting back with his girlfriend.  And as far Tom - I'm still thinking, in fact more than ever, that before this series is over, he'll wind up on Red's blacklist himself.

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