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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Revolution 2.10: Mexico and More

Revolution resumed its second season with episode 2.10 tonight, and a story that multiplied its previously two-part parallel storyline into four.

The most interesting of the four - although all are good - finds Miles, Monroe, and Rachel in Mexico, in  pursuit of Monroe's son Connor.   The scenario for this is what Revolution does best - showing how the world has changed ever so ironically in the aftermath of the blackout and the bombings.  So there's a big fence between Mexico and what used to be the U.S., but it's intended to keep riffraff from up north from going into the promised land of Mexico, which has done much better post-blackout than the former U.S.   The scenario makes sense - parts of the world which were less dependent upon digital infrastructure would survive its collapse better than those like the U.S. which were most dependent.

Also percolating on all cylinders is the story back East, with Tom and wife Julia now scheming and killing their way to the very top, in the White House.  Tom's at his best when he's with Julia rather than moaning about how much he misses her, and Julia is much better as a woman willing and even eager to kill rather than the frightened wife which she was last season, and which she now says she never wants to be again.

Meanwhile, the third story is proceeding well in the Texas town that was the scene for most of the action in the Fall.  The Patriots are generously giving fruit from Florida to the people - fruit injected with something.  A drug to make them addicted, keep them docile?  Maybe more amenable to nanite control which we know the Patriots do know at least something about? We'll likely soon find out.

And the fourth story has Aaron in search of the nanites and his destiny.  This brings him together with Grace - always good to see her in the story - and, according to the coming attractions, with his long lost wife Priscilla.

Now, Revolution needs to be careful not to pull too many lost characters of the hat.  And I  would have rather seen Aaron  just reverse Cynthia's murder, and wondered why he didn't or couldn't do this at the time.  But I'm glad he's being given a chance to find happiness again, and I'm looking forward to seeing more next week.

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