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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vikings Season 2 Finale: Satisfying, Surprising, Superb

A thoroughly satisfying Vikings Season 2 finale tonight, the surprising course of which had me fooled until the truth was revealed.

I admit I fell completely for Floki casting his lot with Horick.   The scenes in which Floki was complaining to his woman about Ragnar were convincing. I guess Floki felt the way he could be completely believable in his betrayal of Ragnar was to go through all the motions of the building betrayal, even in private conversations with the mother of his child.

The first indication that Floki was up to something else was Rollo's reaction to the mushrooms Floki gave him.  I thought we would soon find Rollo poisoned to death.  Instead we see him struggling to get to his feet for the first time.

Still, I was worried for Bjorn with Floki lurking and watching him in the woods.  It soon became apparent that Floki was there to protect Bjorn.

And so the family and friends of Ragnar that Horick sought to destroy all turned the tables and destroyed Horick.   It was good to see him get just what he deserved.  I also glad the fine actor, Donald Logue, who played Horick now has a part on Law and Order: SVU as a much better man.

The second season of Vikings was even better than the first.   It's right up there with Rome and The Tudors as being one of the all-time best historical dramas on television.  On to Season 3 in 2015.

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