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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Revolution 2.20: Hillary

Well, you have to hand it to Revolution 2.20, which came up with a great line at the very beginning of the episode, when the President says to his man called back from Texas to see him, "Hillary had a pair like yours."  So does this mean that Hillary Clinton was President some time before the big blackout? Likely yes, otherwise why would the President years after the blackout make reference to her?  A very nice provocative touch of possible future history, which Revolution has been very good at this year.

The story tonight was pretty good, too.  Tom, at the very end, makes an alliance with Monroe and son, which makes perfect sense, given what the Patriots did to his family.   Tom was with Monroe for most of the first season, so there's a poetry in their reunion.

And the same is true for Miles and Rachel.  After tricking Monroe and the viewers to think that Miles was standing with Monroe in his aggressive, who-cares-who-dies tactics,  Miles gives the best declaration of love or something close to it to Rachel.  He admires her because she's still fighting for a better world, or a world in which some decency survives.

Not so the nanites in Priscilla, who profess their disgust with humanity and our violence through her voice. As I've said here before, I find the nanites a distraction to the more interesting post-apocalyptic plots unfolding now.  I'm assuming/hoping that these glittering sentient irritants will be dispatched with in some way in the climatic season finale a few weeks down the road.   Based on the series so far this season, that finale deserves to be just for this season, and not for the series.

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