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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Americans 2.12: Espionage in Motion

Lots of motion in the excellent episode 2.12 of The Americans last night, mainly and literally involving Jared, son of the Soviet spy couple slain at the beginning of the season.

Elizabeth needs to get him out of town, and quickly, lest he fall prey to the killer who murdered Kate and likely murdered Jared's family.   Larrick, the killer, proves to be formidable indeed.  In one of the best  sequences of the series, Elizabeth keeps one step ahead of Larrick - barely - as she stops at a place where Jared can leave his clothes and bag (which turns out to have a tracker), and then a train station where he'll catch a train to someplace in upstate New York.  Larrick manages to get to the station not much longer after Jared has left, and the episode ends with the cliffhanger of Larrick now in the update New York station, inquiring if anyone saw a boy of his age.  At this point, Elizabeth and Phil know nothing of this.

Meanwhile, Nina's on the move, or about to be, literally and figuratively, too.  Beeman buys a car for her to effect an escape, Oleg gives her a wad of cash for a getaway, and Beeman even appears to be finding out what he can about the "Echo" computer system, so he can give that to the Soviets in return for Nina's safety.  I have a hard time believing that Beeman would betray his country, but he does love Nina, so it will be interesting indeed to see how this all plays out next week.

And to complete the episode in motion, we have Paige on a bus going to a demonstration in Pennsylvania.   This seems to be the least dangerous of the various plot threads, but the time spent upon it suggests there may be something important attached to this, which we'll again find out about next week.

As a final point, Phil's declaration to Martha, right after they have protected sex, that he has no intention of becoming a father,  entails another motion of sorts, or, the motility of sperm, in this case Phil's determination not to let his get to its natural destination.   This will have to spell trouble ahead for their already almost absurd relationship.

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