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Monday, May 5, 2014

Turn 1.5: Shot in the Arm

An excellent Turn 1.5 last night, in which George Washington makes his first appearance, and Abe kisses and almost beds Anna.

The Anna scene was especially good to see.   Abe, drunk, kisses her.  She pulls away.  But then, as she's about to leave his house, she impulsively turns back to him for an impassioned embrace and kissing.  Clothes begin to come off-  But they're interrupted by the redcoat staying in the house, who walks in on Abe and Anna and gives Abe a lecture.

Not that I wish Abe's wife any ill, but it's good to see Abe with the woman he loves.  The Brit interruption is nicely symbolic of everything the Brits are now doing in America - sticking their noses in and disrupting affairs that are properly American.  Whether affairs of the heart or of business and state, the Brits don't belong here.

Their freeing of our slaves creates an interesting moral conflict.  The Brits were right to free slaves, anywhere and everywhere, and we in American were very wrong to take so long to do that.  But the cynical Brit use of our slaves to aid their war effort, with the reward at the end that they'll be freed if they perform well for the Crown, is cynical and despicable.

Meanwhile, it's great to see George Washington finally in the mix.  One of the great pleasures of historical dramas is seeing real characters in history, people that we already know well.   This was one of the great strengths of Rome and The Tudors.   So far, Turn has gone with fictional or little-known characters, and confined itself to mentions of movers and shakers like Washington.

Now that he's in the action, we can look forward to the heat being turned up in both the battles and espionage, which should provide a good shot in the arm for Turn.

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