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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Good Wife Season 5 Finale: Musical Chairs

Whew, after a fabulous season - best season far - The Good Wife wrapped up its 5th year tonight with a frenetic, high-stakes game of musical chairs.

The action mostly centered around who would get Peter's nod for the State Attorney nomination.  Finn is pushed out by Peter and Eli, who can't get  over some small personal nonkosher action in which Finn was involved.  Of course, what really bothers Peter is the possibility that Finn is sleeping or slept with Alicia.

Diane is Peter's first choice to take up the fight - but why should she?  She was severely dissed in the whole judge appointment rescinding thing.  But, on the other hand, she's not very happy back at the Lockhart company.   And, though no one says it, a State Attorney is obviously in a much better position to run for higher office than is a judge, as witness what Peter successfully did.   So there was a real chance that Diane would take the offer, a good surprise when she didn't, and greatly enhanced by her wanting to come aboard Alicia and Cary's firm.

But the masterstroke that really puts this game of musical chairs into the stratosphere is Eli's coming to the conclusion at the end that Alicia would make a great candidate.  She would indeed, and let's hope she runs.   If she did, the result would put Alicia and Peter in a position well on the way to becoming the Clintons - a husband and wife political powerhouse, with both in office, except in case of The Good Wife, at the same time!

So I hope we see this underway in the Fall.  And I also wouldn't mind more of the hilarity mixed with profundity that we got tonight in the the video connection into Diane's company being left open for Alicia's people to see.   This mix of profound story with laugh-out-loud humor has been a hallmark of The Good Wife all along, but never better than we've seen it this season.

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