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Friday, August 15, 2014

Rectify 2.9: Dancing in the Dark

Another beautiful, sad, powerful, altogether blue episode of Rectify tonight - 2.9 - which pretty much reverses most of the major threads we saw last week. That would be astonishing for most television series, but not for Rectify,  which never fails to surprise and shatter our expectations, in the best possible way.

Last week, in Rectify 2.8, it looked like the book was pretty much closing on the Daniel and Tawny chapter.  But tonight's episode ends with the two of them dancing alone and tenderly in a room late at night.  The way they got there is also significant - Tawny lost her baby, which was the all-but-irreversible obstacle to she and Daniel getting together.

They're not together yet - just dancing in the quiet of night isn't quite together - but this move also could be the basis for reversing another turn of events.  Last week, it looked as if Daniel, by insisting on no time served, was saying no to the plea deal.  This week, the state's offer has changed to just Daniel banished from the state of Georgia - an offer that is not without its appeal to Daniel, given his high load of guilt.

Amantha of course doesn't want Daniel to do this.   He can't even bring himself to tell his mother he's considering this.  Jon tells Amantha that he'll talk Daniel into rejecting the deal - but Daniel is not that easy to be talked out of anything.  Will the availability of Tawny - if she's now available - change his mind?  It's more likely than anything else to get him not to want to leave Georgia, unless she leaves with him.

Meanwhile, the sheriff is finally beginning to look into George's absence, and this may well provide the key to what happened on that fateful night.   The season finale is next week, and I've to say I've enjoyed every episode this season nothing less than immensely.

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