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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Falling Skies 4.7: Massacre Indeed

Falling Skies 4.7 on Sunday was entitled "Saturday Night Massacre," and it was a massacre indeed, with at least two and maybe three major characters falling in one way or another.

Lourdes, loyal to a fault to Lexi, pays for that with her life, when she asks Lexi to make her life better. The blond hybrid's way of doing that is to kill Lourdes, making Lexi probably not the best person to approach when seeking spiritual guidance and healing.  So Seychelle Gabriel, who played Lourdes, is gone from Falling Skies like a sea shell on a windswept beach.

Next up for disposal is Dr. Kadar, played by Robert Sean Leonard, seen to such good effect on House for so many years.   Unfortunately, Anne's medical skills are not on a par with House's, and not up to the task of saving the cracked Kadar.

And then there's Maggie.  She's been one of my favorite characters on the series (well played by Sarah Carter), always willing to speak her mind, and, even more impressive, to change it with presented with new facts - reminiscent of John Maynard Keynes' quip, "when the facts change, I change my mind, what do you do, Sir?" - and I'd hate to see her go.   And, maybe we won't have to.  No one has pronounced her dead.  She's clearly stretched out in the rubble, injured and unconscious.   But when it comes to television deaths, I've learned over the years never to count someone out unless his or her head has been blown clean off, or a reliable character says the person in question is dead, even then ...  Think about Tony on 24.

So this is what Falling Skies has come to.   No real progress in the story line, and the only real interest now is seeing who dies and who does not.   Ah, if only we could be back in Massachusetts again, where this series began so well.

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