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Monday, August 25, 2014

Falling Skies 4.10: Lexi

One of the problems with Falling Skies this season has been the near-hopelessness of the human cause. Reduced to little more than a ragtag band, beset not only by the Espheni but by Lexi, who apparently was joining the Espheni cause and was waging something definitely not peace, our heroic few were driven to the shoot for the moon in last week's important episode.

But something just as or even more important happened in last night's 4.10:  Lexi is back with us!   She overhears her Espheni father and uncle planning on doing away with her - because the uncle, in particular, is concerned that she might be too loyal to her human side (just as our people are concerned about the slip side of that coin, that Lexi is too loyal to the Espheni) - and, just as her father is about to wring her neck, she uses her new found powers, that the father was training her to use, to kill the father. Good move for us.

It's still not clear, though, exactly who her parents are.   Anne's definitely her mother, ok.  But she calls Tom her father when she returns to our camp.  But if Tom's her father, where did the Espheni come in? As I've been saying since last season, probably Tom's reproductive DNA was fused with some Espheni genes when he was captive, before he slept with Anne, but it would nice if that were explained a little.

Nonetheless, Lexi with the humans definitely equals the odds and maybe more, which makes this a significant development for human-Espheni battles from now on.  She was able to kill not only her "father," but numerous Espheni air craft at the end of the episode.

Lots of good humor in this episode, too.  My favorite is Hal, talking to Ben about how they both want Maggi, opining that in a few years she'll likely marry Matt.

We won't likely see that, of course, the next season being the final one for Falling Skies, but it will be good nonetheless to see next week's Season 4 2-hour finale, and next season, too.

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