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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Bridge 2.7: Major Business

Major doings on the taut, powerful episode of The Bridge 2.7 last night -

  • Fausto has David killed.  This is a significant moment, because Fausto does this after he hears Marco's explanation for why Marco didn't do it.  Fausto clearly sees through Marco's rationalization.  And now Marco is even more indebted to Fausto, whether he wants this or not.
  • Hank admits to Sonya that he killed her sister's killer.  Although Hank genuinely apologizes to Sonya - who says she became a cop before she so admired Hank - the elephant in the room is that Hank doesn't need to apologize.  Yeah, he took matters into his own hand, but ridding the world of a sick psycho multi-killer requires no apology.
  • Adriana's lady lover is apparently brutally murdered, though she's able to kill her attacker.  I say "apparently," because you never know for sure on television, unless someone's head is blown cleanly off, and even then you can't be 100% sure.  But Adriana and Daniel are clearly being drawn into the deadly center of this season's narrative, which is good for the story.
  • Marco sleeps with a woman who looks familiar, if I got that right in the dark bar and after.  It was good to see Marco get some loving, but would have been even better  had the woman some connection to the major story lines in the series.  When I heard her tell Marco that her daughter disappeared, I thought for a second that maybe she was the mother of the younger woman Linder has been taking care of.   Linder is being drawn into the center of this season's story, too, rather than being in the distant outskirts as he was last season, and I'd like to see him drawn in even more.
All in all, this is a much tighter season than last year's, in which there was a strong central story and a lot of interesting, almost disparate threads around the edges.   This year, it's increasingly clear that most or all of characters are on the same page, which makes the remaining episodes especially important and intriguing.

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