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Monday, August 11, 2014

Falling Skies 4.8: Spike

Finally, a decent episode of Falling Skies - 4.8 - on TNT last night.

The best part was the Maggie story.  As I suspected, she was not killed last week, only badly wounded and paralyzed.   The only way to save her is by grafting some alien spikes into her back, which Ben is more than willing to provide, at great risk to himself.  Maggie tells Hal she'd rather die than have anything alien be a part of her, but Hal correctly ignores this, and Maggie recovers.

Two significant things happen after that.  Maggie slaps Hal for ignoring her wishes, then passionately kisses him for saving her life.  That was the right response.  (Anne, in one of her better lines, comments "back to normal" as she watches this with Tom.)   Meanwhile, a beat or two before, when Hal thanks Ben, we get this significant line from Ben in response: I didn't do it for you.   So Hal is now aware of how Ben feels about Maggie, if he wasn't before.  That's a good thing for the narrative arc.

Meanwhile, the other person who struck me as really notable in this episode was Weaver.  He has evolved from the gruff military man into perhaps the most sympathetic and supportive characters on the show.   His support of Matt, digging for Tom, when Weaver himself didn't have much hope, was commendable, winning, and quietly moving.

So what's left for this series?   Speaking of Weaver, you can see just how far the human military response to the aliens has declined in the past few years.  Our heroes are little more than a rag-tag group of survivors, holding on for dear life.   What can we see, now in evidence, that will enable a human victory?

Maybe Lexi will revert her loyalty once again, this time back to her mother.  Maybe our people will discover some weakness in the bad aliens that they and we don't already know.   Or maybe there won't be a victory at the end at all.

But I think not, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, this year and next.

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