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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Bridge 2.4: Marco Redeemed and Mr. Writ Large

Well, Marco didn't really have to be redeemed.   There was no way he would have ultimately sided with Fausto in the complex web in which he found himself.   Yes, he owes Fausto, but he owes more to his profession and even to the El Paso police who, while no angels, are truer to the profession than his own Capitan Robles in Juarez.  And so it was not surprising, but nonetheless satisfying, to see him commit to Prosector Pintado before the end of the 4th episode.

Meanwhile, Sonya continues her development as one of the most compellingly peculiar cops on television.   But what makes her so compelling and odd is not her police work, but her personal life as a woman whose sister was murdered.  She wants some sort of closure on this trauma, and understandably reacts when the killer dies.   But she continues to sleep with the killer's brother, which is certainly giving a lot to maintain contact with whatever is left of the killer, and apparently enjoys it, including the rough sex she initiates.  Asking the brother of the man who killed your sister to choke you during sex -- that's far more unsettlingly grey than fifty shades.

Speaking of grey, John Billingsley starred in just about every episode of Intelligence on CBS this year, including one called "The Grey Hat," before the series was unfortunately cancelled (I liked it, it was a good series).  He only made it to the 4th episode of The Bridge, in which he blows his brains out as Mr. DeLarge.  He has some upcoming appearances in the popular Masters of Sex, which I'll be watching carefully to see if Mr. Mortality Writ Large survives.

The continuing characters most involved in DeLarge's death, so far, are the pair of reporters - who, I've got to say, are my least favorite characters on the show.  It's not that I don't like reporters and stories about them - to the contrary - but these two barely add up.   With any luck, they'll be woven into the central action in a less idiosyncratic way.  Though, come to think of it, idiosyncrasy could be the middle name of this strange and appealing series.

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