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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tyrant Season 1 Finale: The Truest Tyrant

Well, the Tyrant season 1 finale was disappointing.   Here's why -

The whole story this season worked on the premise that Barry knew what he was doing.  Over and over again, he came out on top with his passion and savvy - including pushing the U.S. to continue supporting his coup when the U.S. wanted to pull out.  Given that Barry is such a shrewd and powerful political operator, despite his being a pediatrician, how could have failed so badly tonight?

That failure, though it was a nice twist, also shatters our suspension of disbelief about Barry - suspending the logic that an American, even if he is the son of Middle East dictator, could never really put together a successful coup against his brother.

Indeed, Jamal had shown himself crafty and even brilliant in his own right, too.  It makes perfect sense that he would be a little suspicious of his nervous in-law, who would then blurt out the whole truth. How could Barry not have seen this?

He's a neophyte at coups, ok.   But he was a neophyte at just about everything else on the series, and he succeeded at just about all of them.

I still enjoyed the season - very much, including most of tonight's episode - and I hope it comes back for another go.  Jamal, though a flawed leader, was given a stellar performance by Ashraf Barhom - who was indeed the best actor on the show, along with Moran Atias, who powerfully played his powerful wife.  Jamal and Barry's mother was given a winning performance by Alice Krige, too.   The brief scene in which she pleads with Jamal to spare Barry's life was one of the best this season.

So, yes, I want to see more of this story - including, most especially, what happens to Jamal - revealed tonight as the truest tyrant in Abuddin.

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