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Monday, August 10, 2015

Deutschland 83 Season 1 Finale: Looking Forward to More

A good finale to what I hope will just be the first of many seasons of Deutschland 83, but, as often happens in television drama, not quite as effective as the immediately preceding episodes.

The highpoint of those episodes was Martin/Stamm telling General Edel that he (Stamm) was really an East German agent - Martin needing to do this as the only way he could think of to get Edel to call off the exercise which the Soviets and some East Germans were sure was a build-up to a real attack.

In the finale, the only big surprise was Edel taking his life at the end - which I was sorry to see, not because the character was so sympathetic (he was a rotten father, for sure), but because he added a lot to the story.  The other reveal, that Walter (be my guest and spell his last name yourself) was Martin's father, was not quite as big of a shocker, but has all kinds of potential for further seasons.

The extent of the AIDS infection is also of interest. Tischbier may or may not have it, which means the same for Edel's son.   Truthfully, I wouldn't mind seeing both gone in subsequent seasons, since each, in his own way, was annoying in this first season.

Not so Annett, who, other than Martin, was one of the most interesting and compelling characters this year.  It's still hard for me to wrap my head around how she could be so loyal to the East Germans, but that's one of the main points of this story, isn't it?  Attractive and otherwise decent people can be loyal to a totalitarian society that locks you up for reading 1984.

But speaking of East German officials, I also found the guy who doubted that the West was attacking, and stood up both to Walter and the Soviets, of some interest.  Would be good to see more of him next season, too.

So, yeah, I hope there is a Deutschland 83 season 2 - which hasn't been announced yet - and which I'll be eagerly watching for and reviewing, in case this makes any difference to those who call those renewal shots.

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