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Monday, August 3, 2015

True Detective 2.7: Death and the Anti-Hero

A desperately good True Detective 2.7 last night, with two significant deaths, after last week's punch-in-the-gut episode 2.6 with Ani under cover as a drugged party girl.

We didn't have much emotion invested in the prosector found dead in her car by Ray, but her murder deprives our team of their last reliable connection to unrotten authority.  They're on their own now.

We did have a lot of emotion invested in Paul, and his death hit hard.  He accounted well for himself throughout this story, including to the very last, in which he took out a whole slew of bad guys with guts and straight shooting.  To be gunned down in the end was a cruel fate, and, unlike the moniker for this season, eminently not what he deserved.

Frank fared far better against his demons and bad guys, and, although he's a sicko vicious killer in his own right - professing enjoyment in seeing the "lights go out" in someone he's strangling - he also has admirable qualities, in particular standing up to the overwhelming and deadly pressure of the Russian mob.   Indeed, Frank is one of the most compelling anti-heroes to come along in a television drama.   He has less good and more bad in him than, say, Tony Soprano, but Frank is still on that continuum which against all odds commands at least some of our respect, even support, and makes me hope that in the end next week he finds a better fate than has Paul.

The other notable scene in the drama of this story last night is Ani and Ray making love, and that was good to see for all kinds of reasons.  They both deserve a little happiness, or at least comfort, after all they've been through now separately and together, and the counterpoint of the two in each other's arms as Paul's being shot down was one of the best soulful and heart-tearing moments of this season.

Back with a review of the season finale next week.

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