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Monday, August 24, 2015

Ray Donovan 3.7: Excommunication!

One of the best episodes of Ray Donovan this season last night - 3.7 - in which Ray (and probably Terry and Bunchy) are excommunicated by that priest on the case.

Well, it's not exactly the Middle Ages or even the Renaissance, so Ray's not too upset, and even relieved that Fr. Romero wants only to forgive Ray, if Ray confesses, and not go to the cops, if Romero is to be believed.   But Terry's plenty upset about the excommunication, which Romero pronounces after Ray delivers a beat-down not a confession in response to Romero's prodding and pleading, and it will be interesting to see where Ray and Romero go from here.   Will the priest eventually go to the police or be true to his word?  (I was certainly concerned that Romero might have been recording Ray's confession, with an intention of bringing this to the authorities, last night.)  And will Ray just let this play out, or do something more decisive to protect himself and his family?

Meanwhile, Bunch, whose babbling brought Ray to this place in the first place, otherwise had a banner night last night, leaping to Mickey and Daryll's urgently needed defense,  swinging that pipe like "a lion," in Mickey's apt words.   Mickey, typically, bit off more than he could chew, but his heart was in the right place, and his agreeing to bring Bunchy along because another hand was always welcome proved prescient indeed.

The story with Bridget and her teacher (an emigre from Mad Men) is also proceeding nicely, and we're likely to see the two in bed together before too long.   Abby's advice to Bridget that she should go for it will likely be increasingly taken, and the irony's sweet indeed that the "it' is Bridget's teacher, which of course Abby doesn't know.

One last point: it's nice also to see Ray's team slowly coming back together.  Good to see Lena on the job, and the coming attractions show Avi coming back into the orb, too.   One of the hallmarks of Ray Donovan is that, no matter how bad things get in the outside world, if Ray's extended family is together, he has more than a fighting chance.

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