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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Falling Skies 5.7: Back Up There

Falling Skies has put up some of its best episodes recently, as the series moves towards its ultimate conclusion in three episodes.

My favorite was 5.6, last week, in which Tom gets treated to something akin to what life was a like before the invasion, with a son coming of age who doesn't (yet) know about the aliens, and a grateful kiss on the lips from the boy's mother.  It all had a bit of a Herschel's farm from The Walking Dead feel - though there was no evil lurking in a barn in this good place - and there are only so many gambits available in a post-apocalyptic narrative.   But this was handled well, and was, against most odds, rather satisfying.

And real, life-changing developments are occurring with our major characters, as befits an ending of a series.  Pope breaking bad was a good touch, and my only regret is that Tom didn't kill him in that quick encounter.  Maggie getting her spikes removed was welcome, and points to at least one path to a happier future.   Ben getting one of his spikes removed, against his will, was not so welcome, and his fate with one or more spikes removed is an interesting, open question.

The human military base pivoting from a safe haven to an instrument of torture and death is something we've seen before, including on Falling Skies.  But the relationship between the commander and Weaver is a nice touch, and it will be fun to see how that plays out.

Falling Skies has regained some of its luster, and has a chance to really end on a memorable note in the episodes ahead.   I'm looking forward to them.

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