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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Song List for my LI-Con2 Concert on 15 August

I had a great rehearsal yesterday with guitarist Peter Rosenthal for our performance at LI-Con2 in Ronkonkoma, NY next Saturday (August 15) at 9pm, and thought I'd put up a partial play list. Songwriters are in parenthesis.   Free links and iTunes links are indicated, where available.

  • The Soft of Your Eyes (Paul Levinson) - iTunes
  • The Lama Will Be Late This Year (Paul Levinson - Ed Fox) free ... iTunes
  • Today Is Just Like You (Paul Levinson) free ... iTunes
  • Time is Money (Peter Rosenthal)
  • Looking for Sunsets in the Early Morning (Paul Levinson - Ed Fox) free ... iTunes
  • 2020 - Go To Canada (Peter Rosenthal)
  • Lime Streets (Paul Levinson) free ... iTunes
Concert will be streamed live on Periscope starting 9pm Eastern, Saturday, August 15 - watch it by clicking on the link on my Twitter page.

Note added 16 August 2015 - and here's the concert as it appeared in its entirety on Periscope:

Paul Levinson with maraca, Peter Rosenthal with guitar

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