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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hell on Wheels 5.2: Mei and Cullen

Catching up with a review of last week's Hell on Wheels 5.2, in which we find out that Fong (a guy) is really Mei (a woman).

Actually, that was no surprise at all.  You could tell that Fong was a woman as soon as you saw "him" in 5.1 - the delicate face, the way "he" moved, made her gender clear as day.  The only surprise is why Cullen was so stunned when he discovered Mei's identity.

But if we're willing to suspend our disbelief on this account, we still get a pretty good episode in 5.2 - in fact, one of the most powerful in the series.  As I mentioned in my review of 5.1, there was lots of good, cinematic action in 5.2, which makes me think this will be a hallmark of this season.  Although the talk and character conflicts of previous seasons were welcome, as was the gunplay of last season, it's good to see a story about a railroad actually show a railroad physically out of control, and our people struggling to get it back on course.

In the case of this episode, it was a railcar on a sled, in a series of life-and-death scenes in which the car is not only off-rail but nearly out of this world, and Cullen and Mei pull out all the stops to stop the car before it goes literally over a cliff.

In a nice touch, it's Mei who goes over the cliff, not the railcar, and she does this of her own volition, in a courageous act designed to save Cullen from being pulled over the cliff along with Mei.  Did Mei figure that she would survive her plummet into the snow below, as she did?   Or was this just luck?

Hard to say, but her near death and ultimate survival was satisfying to see, and the upshot is she and Cullen have a strong and even unique bond now.  Any chance they'll eventually sleep together? Probably not, Cullen's married and all, but, then again, I was surprised when Cullen slept with his current wife in the first place.

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