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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Falling Skies 5.9: Plummeting

Falling Skies seems to be plummeting to its ultimate conclusion, or lurching along, checking off boxes that need to be checked, rolling out another trite gambit, in episode 5.9 on Sunday night.

Pope is now (presumably) dead.  Check.  Lexi's dead, too, after she comes back, or rather the bad alien comes back in her form, just as happened with Weaver's old flame last week.  Check.

And the new threat?  The Esphemi have not only overloads,  but a queen who is above them, calling the shots - "the"queen" - and she's apparently calling for an ultimate showdown at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

If time travel were part of this story, maybe Nixon could appear at this showdown, plucked forth from his infamous appearance at the Lincoln Memorial during the protests against his conduct of the Vietnam War.  That would at least be interesting.

What happened to this series?  It had its moments over the years, especially in the early seasons, and even seemed to come back a few episodes ago.  But since then, it's been one trite retread after another.

Somehow, the characters are still pretty interesting, especially Tom and his boys, and Weaver, too. They transcend the tired story lines.

So I'll be watching the series finale next week, if only to see what happens with these characters. And, who knows, maybe Pope survived after all.

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