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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

12 Monkeys 2.12: The Best and the Worst of Time(s)

Another powerhouse episode in 2.12 of 12 Monkeys last night - they've all been powerful this season - with some of the best and worst developments we've seen for our heroes so far.

Imagine Cole and Cassie living happily after in house in the country.  Too much to imagine? Well, we got that last night, with the kicker that it's the house she was envisioning in her red forest nightmares, and the blood came from just a cut Cole got in doing a little construction.

Back in the future, we get just the reverse - almost all of our major characters except Cole and Cassandra get massacred by the Witness and "his" followers.   The slaughtered include Ramse - which I guess means he's not the Witness, after all (though you never know) - and I put "his" in quotes because you never know about that, either.

So many important characters died in the awful scene that you just know it can't stand.   And since this a world riven and driven by time travel, pulling the rug out from under that massacre should certainly be possible, if never easy.   Towards that end, it's significant that not only Cole and Cassie but Jones were not among the fallen at Titan.   Jones indeed wasn't in this episode at all.  We last saw her in a previous episode back at the facility, which was literally flying apart at the seams, dissolving, actually, but, again, you never know ...  And, oh yeah, Jennifer - the young Jennifer - fortunately wasn't among the massacred, either.

So we have at very least Cole, Cassie, and Jennifer, and maybe Jones in some way, to reverse that chilling scene in Titan.  But if they do, there will be a big price to pay, because there always is in 12 Monkeys.  I'm hoping that whatever is required of Cole and Cassie to amend the massacre, it will not come at the expense of their memories of what we saw in the white house last night.

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