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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tyrant 3.2:: Whither Molly?

Events in the real world keep pre-empting my reviews of Tyrant.  This time it was the attempted coup in Turkey.  Now as to episode 3.2 -

I've got to admit, and probably have already said, that Tyrant could actually benefit from Molly Al-Fayeed being off the show.  It would free Barry to pursue other romantic interests - especially one, in particular, that we've already seen - and give him a reason to become a ruthless dictator, at least for a while.

Also, Barry's wife getting killed would, I hate to say it, serve her right for staying in Abuddin.  It stretches credibility that she would continue to stay in this country with her children, given what she has seen happening and almost happening to members of her extended family.   On the other hand, I hate to approve of anyone's murder, even a fictional character in a story, especially if that character is not a bad person and however much the murder might propel the story.

Meanwhile, as I said last week, I'm glad to see Leila increasing her political power.  It would be wild indeed to someday see her in the driver's seat of Abuddin, but that's still a very long way off, if at all possible. But, hey, making a woman head of an Arab country would once and for all put Tyrant ahead of what's actually happening in Turkey and the rest of the Middle East, and if there's any woman to do it it would be Leila.

Of course, now that Jamal is slowly coming back, he could be an obstacle to Leila's ascent, not to mention her relationship with the American general.   But, for now, we need to see Molly's fate, and I'm looking forward to the next episode to see that, with no untimely distractions from Turkey.

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