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Monday, July 11, 2016

Murder in the First 3.3: Fast and Steady

Things move very quickly in Murder in the First.  Hildy is diagnosed with end-stage cancer one week; the diagnosis is revealed as pertaining not to Hildy the very next.   Terry shoots a suspect without a gun one week; a kid finds the missing gun in next episode, 3.3, which was on last night.

And weaving through these fast moves are the two underling season-long stories. One, about the celeb who is gunned down, is moving at a snail's pace, which works well in contrast to the quickies.

The other, about Siletti, is moving at a moderate pace, so all the bases are covered.  Last night was probably his most interesting episode so far.  After his attorney tells him his fate depends on his wife's support - not testifying he was drunk when driving - he comes to talk to her, and lays his soul bare, including taking responsibility for what went wrong in their marriage.  She's moved, and says she'll at least think about moving back with him.

This is at least a partial victory for Siletti, and he'll take it.  But is he being sincere in what he says to his wife, or just playing her, telling her what she thinks she needs to hear?  Tough to say, and probably a little of both.   He knows just what she wants to hear from him, and the fact that he says it so well suggests that it's more of an act than the truth.  But we'll see.

Meanwhile, compare their relationship to what we're seeing between Terry and Hildy.  She lies about seeing the gun, before it was recovered, because she was determined to stand by her partner and her man.  And the last scene, with the two of them watching television with Hildy's daughter on the couch, and two holding hands behind her, was pure gold.

Murder in the First is first class TV, and I'm looking forward to more.

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