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Monday, July 4, 2016

Ray Donovan 4.2: Settling In

Ray Donovan settled in to its 4th season last night, with a good episode that had no surprises but moved everything along at a reassuringly disconcerting pace.

Actually, there was something that was somewhat surprising: Avi is continuing his disobedience to Ray.   This has been happening in one way or another ever since Avi killed the reporter Ray was falling for at the end of season 2.   It took a lot of season 3 to get Avi working again for Ray, but what happened last night - Avi being singularly unhelpful to Ray's request to get guns - could spell trouble ahead.

Meanwhile, Mickey on the way to Las Vegas is a good move, which promises some action ahead in what has become the patented Mickey style - the plan has some merit, but also some insanity, and Mickey will endanger not only himself but his family as he tries to see it through.   Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop for whatever this plan may be - too bad CSI still isn't in business there.

Abby's keeping her Stage 0 breast cancer from her family is predictable, and it's interesting to contrast how this is being handled with the cancer diagnosis on Murder in the First, which had a stunning twist last night on TNT.

Yet to happen: Ray even close to being in bed with another woman.   But there was a good Terry story, as he struggles with his Parkinson's to lead the life to which he was accustomed.

The thing to remember about Ray Donovan is that it moves at the pace of real life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometime even.   It's a warped life, to be sure, and because of that even a slow pace can be fun, as a prelude to an explosion which you just know is coming.

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