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Monday, July 4, 2016

Murder in the First 3.1-2: Wild Ride!

Murder in the First is off to a high-octane roller-coster ride in its first two episodes, with more twists and surprises than you'd find all season on a more conventional network TV cop show.

And so far the biggest shocks and swings have not been about the presumably first-degree murder we saw in 3.1, when a celeb is shot dead at point-blank range on the dance floor.

Instead, the rug has been pulled out, at least twice, on Siletti's hitting a woman when he was driving and having an argument with his wife about more than a flirtation with a woman who was sitting at their dinner table.  It wasn't a hit-and-run, but Siletti had been drinking at the dinner.  He cleverly delays getting his blood alcohol tested, but the cops are on to this strategy, and are eager to nab him, even though or maybe because he's Chief Prosecutor.   But Siletti has an ace in the hole - the woman he's having an affair with is also a prosecutor, and she's been assigned to the case!   Good twist - and as icing on the cake for viewers, Assistant Attorney General Melissa Danson is played by Amanda Schull, seen on Monday evenings as Dr. Reilly in 12 Monkeys on the Syfy Channel.  Hey, it's easy to take on new identities when you can travel around on a dime in space and time.

But that was just in episode 3.1.  In 3.2, we find out that not only is Danson not inclined to give Siletti a break, she's gung-ho to get the book thrown at him.   A presumed go-free card and a smirk on Siletti's face turn into a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, there's a twist I've never seen before on the personal level in Murder in the First.  Hildy gets a cancer diagnosis that's so bad she's told by her doctor to "get your affairs in order".  This brings her and Terry together.   But in 3.2 we find out that she was given a diagnosis meant for someone else!   She and Terry are so relieved that they spend a great night in bed together.

But hold on - don't think that they'll live happily ever after.  As a final kicker, Terry shoots a guy he's chasing - and there's no sign of the gun he saw.  We've seen this on many cop shows before, but coming at the end of these first two frenetic weeks, it's the perfect jolt.

Whew - I'll be back here with another review next week.

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