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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hell on Wheels Finale: From Rail to Sea

A most fine and satisfying finale to Hell on Wheels tonight, with Bohannon doing just what I'd hoped and predicted (see my previous reviews) in the end:  taking a boat to China to find Mei.

It wasn't that hard to predict, but was still very good to see.  Being a Union colonel, killing Indians, of course didn't suit him for at least two reasons.   But neither did working on a much smaller railroad in California.   Only finding the love of his life - or at least his recent life - made sense.

Durant came across very well, too, which made me sorry we had to see his ultimate decline in the flashforward a few weeks back.  But every word Durant said in his testimony rang true.  He lied, cheated, stole, all in the service of building that railroad, and he succeeded.

And the railroad Durant had built with Bohannon's help is the vehicle that gets Bohannon from Washington to San Francisco, where he boards a boat to China, in the end.  That was one of the nicest touches in this finale, that Bohannon used what he built to help his personal dream a reality.  In other words, Bohannon helped make Durant's vision real, and in turn used that reality to get his own dream underway into reality.

Seeing Custer was fun, too - though knowing what's going to happen to him makes this not quite fun, either.  But it's Custer's style and swagger than convinces Bohannon he isn't a soldier anymore, and doesn't want to be one again.

And so this wonderful series ends.  I still miss Lily, and would have been happier if the Swede had been dispatched much earlier, but hey, we were treated to a few years of a great Western with real history and some memorably personal stories to boot.   How about a movie, say, five or ten years from now, which shows what Bohannon and Mei are up to?

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