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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mayans M. C. Season 1 Finale: Devante's Successor

Checking with (what I hope is) a better late then never review of the first season of Mayans M. C., on FX about a week ago now.

First, I think this first season was excellent - pulsing, surprising, thriving with complex intrigue and grit.   This makes Mayans M. C. a real winner, and is especially impressive given the tradition of Sons of Anarchy that Mayans inevitably had to live up to.  Perhaps its biggest accomplishment for me is that Mayans M. C. was so compelling that I all but stopped thinking of Sons when I was watching Mayans.   This is not to say that SOA isn't one of the all-time best shows ever on television, and that Mayans has yet to get there.  But it is to say that Mayans M. C. is, at the end of its first season, right up there on the map of television series that make a difference in your head.

The most significant parts of the ending involve E. Z. and Marcus, in two separate developments.  E. Z.'s was not really surprising, in fact was inevitable, and very satisfying.  It would been unacceptable to see him walk away from the Club and live Angel's vision of his younger brother.   The way he came to stay was done just right.

Marcus's move was indeed a big surprise.  He was the biker we already knew as the Mayan who played an important role in Sons.   As the President of a Mayan Club, he had more history as a club member than anyone new we came to know on Mayans.  So his leaving to become Miguel's consigliere - Devante's successor - was a nice parting shot.   And, like all good surprises, once we saw it happen, it seemed only right and destined to happen.

The move was also gratifying because it was good to see a club member leave the club in something other than blood, revenge, payback, or just decrepitude.  Marcus moving into the mansion, if not quite the lap of luxury - or, if is, it's luxury with sweat and potentially crushing responsibility -  is certainly a big move up for him in this world.

More than enough - for example, what will happen to Marcus should the Galinda cartel and his former MC come into conflict - and there's plenty more, to make me eager for next season.


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