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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ray Donovan 6.2: Father and Sons

Well, tonight's episode 6.2 of Ray Donovan showed that, even in his diminished capacity, Ray still has the smarts and brass to kill two birds with one stone.  Literally, or half literally.

He cleans up the mess that Samantha wanted him to - the dead body - but getting the Samoan who knew too much about Ray to take the fall.   The result: a drug deal gone bad, two dead bodies in a room, no one to talk to the press about what he saw of Ray last week.  A nice tidy piece of work from Ray Donovan, worthy of what he did on a regular basis back in Los Angeles in (somewhat) happier times.

And, like father like son.  Or, maybe sons.  Bunchy breaks Mickey out of the hospital by killing the guard with a hammer.  Not as smooth as Ray might have handled this, but Bunch has a bunch of that Donovan talent.  And, of course, so does Mickey.  After all, it mostly came from him.

But Mickey out of prison poses a mortal threat to Ray.  Mickey is now set on killing Ray for framing him.   Whether Mickey will actually be able to do it remains to be seen.  But it's a sure thing that he'll cause Ray all kinds of grief along the way.  And Daryll, too.  Though Mickey might forgive him.  Though I'd say never Ray.

That leaves Terry as the sanest, most together of the Donovans, as always, seen in this episode in his New York gym with Ray's new NYPD friend Mac.  Terry always provided a needed balance and ballast to the Donovans, and it will be good to see how he does that this season.

See you here next week with my review of 6.3.

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