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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Romanoffs 1.5: Bright and High Circle: Music and Abuse

Catching with The Romanoffs, now up to episode 1.5, which features classical music (Tchaikovsky and the rest), and the talented piano teacher accused of touching his male students "inappropriately".

By the end, though it's not 100% clear that David the piano teacher is innocent, it certainly seems that way.  The police detective who asks Prof. Ford (Diane Lane) to ask her three boys if David ever did anything inappropriate never does explain why she (the detective) is looking into this in the first place.   And her boys all steadfastly deny that anything untoward happened with David.

As such, this episode becomes a tableau of the falsely accused, and how that easily can ruin the accused's career and life.  Given that surely not everyone who is accused is guilty of the accusation, this episode becomes an important statement that there may be two sides to the story.  Thus, the abuse  here is that suffered by David, for (apparently) being wrongly accused.

I think this is an important episode for our or any age.  What Ford goes through, not really believing the charges against David, but struggling to get the truth from her boys, is in its own way, however, limited, a story of our time.   And a story for any time, which provides the motive for innocent until proven guilty that is the bedrock of our judicial system.

The Romanoffs, in its first five episodes, has covered an enormous amount of territory in subject and style.  I'll be back here soon with reviews of the six and later episodes.

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