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Monday, November 5, 2018

The Deuce Season 2 Finale: The Video Revolution

An excellent ending to an excellent second season of The Deuce tonight - better, as I've been saying, than the first season in all respects.

My favorite bit tonight was Harvey talking about how the newly available video cassette playing on VCRs would revolutionize porn viewing.  As he correctly pointed out, this would allow everyone to see porn in the privacy of their homes on their own TV screens.  And it would give them all kinds of benefits like being able to watch the same hot scene over and over again.  As I've been saying all season, The Deuce is most viewing for all media historians, pro and amateur.

Harvey also was responsible for the funniest line on the show tonight.  After he says "mazel tov" to Frankie, the good wish is returned by Frankie as "mazel top",   That's a great title right there - "Mazel Top".

Of course, not everything was funny or fun in the episode, but in general it was almost and actually uplifting.  Larry concludes the night auditioning for a new part, signaling his departure from pimping.  And Lori makes it out to LA, free at last from C.C, since he is, after all, dead.

Candy is mostly happy, but not completely, due to her family estrangement.  She's ridiculed in a funny send-up of The Tonight Show,  replete with an Ed McMahon-like character grinning like a buffoon at the far end of the couch as "Johnny" goes for the cheap laugh at Candy's expense.  But she's on her way to becoming the well recognized movie director that she deserves to be.

Harvey is never completely, but that's his nature.  He can't help but be upset by "The Producer"-like financial entanglements of Red Hot.   But he has a breakout hit on his hands with that movie, and it will fun to where that lands him in the next and final season.

And that's all for The Deuce this season folks.  See you back here whenever the third season is back on HBO.

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